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Hello everyone!

I'm casting for a scene from Lady Bird for a UCLA extension directing class.

It will be an in-person 50-minute acting/directing exercise in front of a class. Including table reading, blocking, then beat-by-beat rehearsal.

Date and time: Nov 11th, 2023 Saturday.10-11AM

Location: 10920 Lindbrook Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Unpaid, meal provided. You will showcase your acting skills in front of a whole class of student directors and the whole process will be filmed.

I will share the video file with you afterward.

If interested, please send me a DM or email me at



Lady Bird (female, looks like a high school senior or college freshman)

Marion (female, middle-aged, Lady Bird’s mom)

Lady Bird is a 2017 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Greta Gerwig in her solo directorial debut. Set in Sacramento, California from the fall of 2002 to the fall of 2003, the film tells the story of a high school senior and her strained relationship with her mother.


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