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Date: 7/28 & 7/29

Location: House near Chapman University & Laguna Beach

Project: The Wave

Writer/Director: Paloma Ixta

Logline: Following their breakup, two ex-lovers reunite for a last time in their old apartment. Every corner reminds them of their history together, and memories resurface forcing them to confront the bittersweet reality of their story. They remember a day at the beach when they were oblivious to the fate of their lives, reminding them that some things are meant to change.

Mai (Female, 18+)

Mai is a go-getter, she is confident and full of energy. However, she has very little patience for those who do not move at her pace. Working multiple jobs while still focusing on her studies she has very little time to spend on anyone or anything that does not serve her. She has just broken up with her boyfriend and although there is still love for him within her, she is exhausted by their relationship and wants nothing to do with him any longer.

James (Male, 18+)

Growing up in a home where he was forced to grow up quickly, James can be impulsive with a cold demeanor, however he is always willing to show up for those he cares about. After having just broken up with his girlfriend, James is still hopeful that they can make things work. He is arrogant at times and prideful, but still sensitive and deep down a romantic.

Growing up in a home where he was forced to grow up quickly, James can be impulsive

Email with a headshot, resume, and/or reel or if you have any questions.


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