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Please, send me an e-mail to with your current headshots, and acting reel (if any). The subject of your e-mail should be "The Choice - Zayn - Facebook'.

Please, submit only if you can sing. (in English and able to learn a song in Spanish). Playing the guitar is a plus, not a must.



- No pay, Copy, Credit, Meal

- Dates: 15,16,17 of November

- Los Angeles



25 to 40 years old, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Mixed Ethnicity, White man. (An American accent is preferred but not a must.) Talent must be able to sing. (Playing the guitar is a plus, not a must.) Speaking Spanish is not a requirement, as all the dialogues are in English, but talent needs to be able to sing both in English and Spanish. Zayn is a gay man. When he was 18 years old he came out to his dad who kicked him out of the house and he became homeless. He had to begin sex work in order to survive. In the film there won't be any scenes of Zayn doing sex work, he reveals his past in a monologue. Zayn is a street artist, he sings and plays the guitar. One day he meets another street artist, Matteo. They became really close to each other. Is it just friendship or more? Zayn is a nice person by heart and wants to help, but on the other hand, he knows exactly what he wants and is willing to do anything to get it...LEAD



"A young street artist struggles to find his way into this world when a fellow artist reaches out his hand to help him."

Life is full of choices, but is everything a choice? Being born gay IS NOT a choice, but being homophobic and kicking out your own son when he comes out to you IS a choice. Getting drunk being an abusive father and beating up your son IS a choice. Trusting someone IS a choice. Helping someone in need IS a choice. Is falling in love with someone a choice?

When you’re walking down the street and you see a homeless person lying on the sidewalk have you ever thought about how they ended up there? When you see street artists performing on the street have you ever wondered why? Was it their choice or was there no other choice? Do they have a choice or not?

The short film ‘The Choice’ is about how street artists survive and explore domestic abuse, prostitution, vulnerability, love, friendship, LGBTQIA+, homophobia, and loneliness throughout the story of two street artists, Matteo and Zayn. They find each other on the street. They are from different countries, coming with different backgrounds but as they are getting to know each other they realize that they have a lot more in common than they might have thought. Working together on the street is a really special kind of relationship people can have, it’s nothing like any other relationship. The street makes everything so much stronger: if you are friends, then you are brothers, if you fall in love, then it’s the biggest love of your life. On the street, they’ve had to make really hard and difficult choices that an ordinary person might never have to think about. The choices are not easy, but when someone is really desperate how far can they go in order to survive?


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