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My name is Trinity Carter, I am 18 years old and I was born and raised in Cobb County, Georgia. At the young age of 3, I started playing T-ball until I found my love for soccer a year later and continued to play it till this day. I found my interest in acting at the age 11 when my older sister started taking drama in school and would come home and teach me what she learned. After my father died when I was 13, I fell into a depression where I realized that nothing really made me feel okay other than reading and acting and that was when I decided to pursue a career in acting. When I started high school, I took drama for the next four years, while I also looked for work. I landed a lead role in a web series called ‘I’m just like you’ but due to Covid and funding problems, production got cancelled. I also did some work as an extra in the Showtime tv show The First Lady. I am now currently enrolled in Georgia State University where I am double majoring in business administration and theatrical drama.

Trinity Carter

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