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About I’m a multi hyphenate. I tend to play versions the tenacious protectress who conceals a vulnerable core or golden heart and conversely, the mystical mama who you instantly trust and warm up to but later, realize has ulterior, possibly sinister, motives.

I ride western & English hunter jumper styles. I know stage combat and my way around guns, and (as a trained Opera singer from Oberlin Conservatory who speaks several languages) I can replicate almost any accent I hear.

I grew up in a professional traveling theater troupe, studied both Opera Theater & English @ Oberlin, built my own pro studio & released 8 ALT ROCK CD’s that I wrote, sang, played keyboards, programmed myself. I love doing VO’s now.

I work great with kids—I was Director of a Drama Camp, was a certified yoga instructor: taught children’s, pregnancy & Hot (we won’t mention the style because he’s a lunatic) and Yin yoga for over 15 years.

Currently, I’m writing several screenplay under the coaching of Charlotte Chatton, have on going advanced scene study at Warner Loughlin’s. I’m managed by RSA Brenda Fisher & Gina Nuccio. Repped by Pureflare.

I live in LA and also have residences in Manhattan, upstate NY, and FL.

Tamara Becker Cimmerian

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