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A passionate and humble individual, with a big heart.

I have a burning desire to vanguard a successful career in Film, TV and Modelling. Industries that are forever inspiring and forever an outlet for the most creative and imaginative.

To be able to connect with a audience and render my acting skills, life experiences and emotions to a role, character, project or campaign and allow them just a moment of freedom, or to escape, dream or inspire another individual. I could lament at the chance to give back the world and resonate with all age groups and walks of life.

I did not grow up with much, usually sharing sports goods, toys and belongings with my brothers howeve I don't look to these years for sympathy - those were the best years! Me and my brothers playing Cowboys, Knights of the Templar, Alexander and his companion cavalry on broomsticks or re acting Jason and the Argonauts, my imagination blossomed like a wild orchid during these years. It has never left my side.

My passions and interests include horse riding, martial arts, combat sports, nature & wildlife, the outdoors, sport, history & classical antiquity, reading and poetry, philosophy, art, music, learning and most importantly living everyday with the right bravery and zeal to give my absolutely best and spread positivity as much as I can.

Thank you for anyone taking the time to read this.

Mission Statement: To create characters that provide authenticity, freedom and a connection to the viewer - to inspire and immortalise a character for life.

Instagram: Gaston.Alexandros

Gaston Alexander

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