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Kyle Langdon-Weyrich is a competent entertainment professional who works as President and CEO of Picture Esque, a platform that helps connect and attract like-minded individuals in film, TV, production, directing, modeling, acting, and all other creative arts.

He has worked as a marketing assistant, entertainment liaison, and customer service representative. Kyle continues to work as a production manager, casting producer, actor, producer, model, and film consultant. Kyle graduated magna cum laude from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Communications.

Kyle has produced films at all levels and he is passionate about his work. He enjoys acting and working on the administrative and business ends of projects as well. He believes in innovation, knowing that his is a competitive and entrepreneurial field. He has big ideas and is driven by new opportunities.

Kyle is proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Drive, Google Docs, Adobe Premiere Pro, video editing, sound editing, colorization, flying drone cameras, lighting, and anything related to production/camera work/distribution. He has optioned TV series’, filmed movies, music videos, and promotional/commercial videos.

Kyle's references are stellar as he has the experience and work acumen to be recommended by some of the best. Empowering people to be their finest provides him with enormous gratification. Kyle feels lucky to have had the unique privilege of working with many different people in many different ways, always professional, and with extraordinary quality in mind. He is award-winning and fully respected and applauded in the industry.

Number: (949) 230-1366


Kyle Langdon-Weyrich

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