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I am a well rounded, experienced, well trained, humble and kind actress that isnt afraid to do it all and get dirty!

I started acting and modeling in gradeschool, performed in highschool, won awards and scholarships, but chose to serve America in the United States Marine Corps. I served as an active duty service member for 8 years in a fast pace and lethal war on terror. After active duty, I served in the federal government as an Intelligence Officer supporting military operations and boots on the ground missions over seas.

I completed an MBA, personal training/nutrition coaching certifications and started two small businesses as well as founded and currently run two local non profits.

I am a busy mom, wife and DO IT ALL; not only do I thrive but I am more successful in a constant state of stress and chaos!

I bring all my experience, discipline and HEART in everyhting that I do and am a part of!

Ruby Garnet Singleton

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